About Society


Leadership in vision, innovation and initiative.
Flexibility of movements, choice and growth.
Harmony in action towards self, community and society.


Little Flower House society was founded by the team of Smt. Raj Gulati and Major R. N. Gulati on Nov. 2, 1962, for the cause of reforming and revitalizing the school system in India which had not only started loosing its relevancy to that period of time but had also started loosing its vitality as an instrument of change.

The society was initially started as a club for children, for an all round development of their personality and also they could be helped in their academics. However the untiring devotion and dedication of the founders saw this club grow into a junior high school, and later into a senior secondary school. The visionary approach of the founders saw the society centre not only general higher education but also technical higher education.

The society not to be lost in the labyrinth of the complicated run of mill education, can boast on one hand of having specialized Nursery Sections where nursery education is a joy and more emphasis is on development of their loco motor abilities, but also state of art Computer/Physics/Chemistry lab which are essential for the high tech competitive world of today. If it provides the best of sports facility, it can also take pride in having the latest well-stocked library. The emphasis therefore in all the centres today is for a balanced approach, at whatever level, so that each child blooms into a personality.