Director Desk


Nalin Gulati Director Little Flower House
The core of any good school is the teaching faculty. Good teachers do many things which are not quantifiable. Having high standards, pursuing excellence, exhibiting concern for each child and maintaining the level of student engagement are goals of first rate faculty. This is what our endeavour is and full support is provided by the administration in the teachers development as a professional and in the critical work with our students. In addition to exceptional teachers, what makes L.F.H. truly special is our focus on the development of the whole person. We require the students to participate in all areas of school life engaging the mind, body and spirit. Academically the students study all subjects but special emphasis is given on English, Maths and Science, along with a healthy dose of writing and public speaking. The moral development of the students is also a chief concern. Each year our students are exposed to programs that address such topics as decision making and accountability. The school motto LET LIGHT COME TO US FROM EVERY SIDE reflects the quality and enlightenment, we seek to develop in our students. Our expectation is that each student will give his best and great emphasis is laid on good manners, diligence, respect, self discipline, integrity and impassion. Little flower is truly a unique school, while proud and protective of its traditions, is well positioned to embrace the challenges of the twenty first century. I invite you to read on and learn more about the LITTE FLOWER HOUSE.