An annual educational exhibition which endeavors to provide an incredible platform to the showcase their talent in all major domains of education arena covering almost each and every aspect of education.(Two time 1st position in CBSE’s Regional Level Science Exhibition).


Biannual education workshop (for IX-X) organized to imbibe the true virtues of quality education aiming to provide 360 holistic development to a child. The personality development program covers a wide range of activities like create writing, drama, music, cooking etc.


A 7 days biannual workshop which aims to equip our tiny-tots with the rare attributes of a true champion. This workshop is organized to enrich our young lands with qualities of a true leader.

  Spell Bee

In this era of linguistic diversification, it becomes quite important to adorn our students with a paramount command over the language skill. Every year school endeavors to organize Spell Bee competition in collaboration with wiz-foundation to embellish the minds of the future generation.


As the name signifies, is a science workshop which is organized for the intellectual mind to unveil the lingering mysteries of robotics and aero-modeling. This workshop is organized under able stewardship of mentors from IIT-Delhi.

  Commerce Carnival (C.C)

Is a three days educational cum cultural extravaganza which aims to unfurl the cosmos of commercial world for the students of commerce stream. This dazzling event provides a great platform to the students to check their potency via paper presentation, management games, add mad competition etc.

  Socio Conference

A mammoth event being youngsters. The mega event channelizes the caliber of students via different domains of social science arena


A drawing competition for children with special ability is organized year to set an exemplary standard for the society of how we believe in respecting the true worth of every child.

  Carol Singing Competition

To knit the beautiful garland of melody and divinity. The junior wing of school (KG section)organizes carol singing competition where the tiny-tots toil the heart with their melodious voice.

  Janmastami Celebration

To inculcate the ethnic and aesthetic virtues among the future citizens of the
Nation, LFH organizes Janmastami celebration to imbibe the qualities of respect and homage for our glorious culture.


  Anti-Corruption Campaign

To uproot the menace of social evils like corruption, LFH in the form of debate organized a mammoth event (along with NTPC and CVC) to ignite the mind and soul of the youth of the nation against these social malpractices.

  Tree Plantation Camp

It’s the duty of every citizen to conserve the environment. Respecting The worth of nature and value of ecosystem the students to LFH organize tree plantation camp to enhance the beauty of their lush green campus..

  Junior Sports

Champions are not made in gym, they are the outcome of continuous and comprehensive effort’. Keeping the spirit of championship high, school puts herculean effort to organize junior sports every year to nature the virtues of a true champion.

  CBSE Cluster

hosting the flag the of sportsmanship high, LFH sets a benchmark in every CBSE’s sporting event. In the lights of sportsmanship, LFH achieved a milestone by winning CBSE Cluster IV basketball tournament along with securing places in the track and field events.