Principal Message



Indu Gulati
Little Flower House

Another year has rolled by. Like the last years, this year was also full of action and events. To top it all we came out with flying colors in the board exams 2015 and were specially congratulated by the HRD minister for the excellence, THIS Would not have been possible without the dedicated team. It is the aim and dedication that makes LFH truly special .
LFH is constantly on the move and is in the continuous process of reinventing and reforming school education to make it more relevant to the needs of the Society at large. We envision a robust vibrant and holistic school education.
It is in this series that development of co-curriculum Extra curricular is also given due weight age to bring about bloom in our Little Flowers.
I congratulate Tarun & his team for the successfully conducting “Udan” & “Srijan” and introducing photo graph as an Additional area and I hope that these two program will be continued to deliver the ADVANTAGE – FLOWER POWER
I conclude that it is only the “FLOWER POWER” OF LITTLE FLOWER that can do it