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Winners at SaveUs EcoAchievers Quiz

The popular wildlife magazine SaveUs hosted the epic Eco-Achievers Quiz on wildlife, natural habitats and the ecosystem. The annual quiz's City Round of Varanasi saw Little Flower House (Kakarmatta) bag the coveted first prize in the entire district. The quiz was held on Oct 5, 2019 at the Harmony Auditorium of Sunbeam School Varuna. This adds one more feather to the shiny cap of merit at LFH! The quiz was powered by Skybags, and is held annually in the city. We are  the first prize holders of year 2018 quiz too.
Happened on Oct 5, 2019

Winning the CBSE Championshop

Championship Trophy awarded to the students of Little Flower House for winning the CBSE Cluster V held at  Kosambi district. Around 5000 students from 201 schools participated in the event. Our students have performed exceptionally well by giving a tough competition to their challengers. We bagged on 20 Gold Medals and many silver and bronze medals and added one more weather in the cap of our school.
Organised on Sept 26 ,2019

Microsoft's Tech-Know Buzz at LFH

Tech-know buzz is the event organised at Kakarmatta branch of Little Flower House to train the teachers of Little Flower House as well as of different schools from nearby cities like Faizabad, Lucknow, Mirzapur. The workshop was a planned schedule from 11/09/19 to 13/09/19 and from 16/09/19 to 18/09/19, this initiative was to engage new Microsoft software handles to the teachers to teach, young students who are anxious in computer classes and make them learn how to handle computer and its parts properly. This sort of activity make the teachers and the students Tech Savy and so the name has brought us to Tech-Know Buzz
Commenced on Oct 31, 2018

Annual Sports Day Out!

The much awaited Annual Sports Day 2019 was organised at the school with great zeal, excitement and frolicsome atmosphere. The students entered into the spirit of the occasion in a grand way with the oath being administered by the Sports captain. The major highlights of the events where the extra ordinary performance and sportsmanship shown by the students. Students of classes 6 to 12 competed in events including long jump, short put, and racing. Fun time with a staff relay and a tug- of- war between the houses added to the enjoyment.
Organised in 2019

Commerce Carnvial 2018

Self-expression, independent research, constructive activities, etc., are some of the opportunities provided by our school. Commerce Carnival is one such event organised by the school, We believe students can learn more through the activities and their own experiments of social behaviour. The event helped to boost the confidence as the coordination between the classroom and the event help the students to complete their curriculum in a subtle way.
Held on Dec 24

Asha 2018!

A painting competition Asha 2018 was organized at the Little FLower House Nagwa in the memory of our founder Late. Mrs Raj Gulati.  The students  from all the recognized Kiran society of  Varanasi actively participated to show their creativity and skill on the canvas. The excitement and the enthusiasm shown by the students were highly appreciated and accoladed by everyone.
Happened on Oct. 28, 2018

16th Raghunath Memorial Contest

16th Raghunath Memorial Maths and Science Contest was organised at the Little Flower House, Nagwa, where students of various schools from Varanasi as well as other branches of Little Flower House actively participated in the event. The event was so organised to enrich the overall development of the students and to emphasis on the accuracy and scientific brains these toddlers bring into their life one day.
Held on Feb 12, 2019

Talent Zone 'Srijan 2019'

'Srijan-2019' the closing ceremony  organised for the 7 prolonged days workshop held at Little Flower House. The workshop had many activities from drama, horse-ridding, dance, educational trip, yoga, aerobics etc for the students. Later, the glimpse were shown at Srijan by some eye catching performances during the event for which even the founder Mr Navin Gulati highly appreciated the team.
Organised on Mar 08, 2019

Creating Craftsmanship

A three days workshop was organised for our little flower house toddlers. In the workshop activities such as Clay Moulding, Craft painting and Paper Folding were taught to them. The motto of the workshop was to promote the adaptatin of Indian Goods
Happened on Jul, 24

Being Photographic

We at little flower house celebrate the World Photography Day every year on 19 August. The famous photographer Vinay Rawal was the orator of the workshop conducted this day, he explained some exciting photography techniques to the students, the students enjoyed the workshop to their most by which a different level of enthusiasm and charisma were seen in them.
Held on Aug 19

NTPC Seminar at LFH

'Rebuild India' a nukkad natak organised under the guidance of NTPC Ltd as an awareness programme by the students of Little Flower House. This awareness was created to remove the Black Spot of our society say it be Corruption, Child Labour, Dowry or Gender Inequality, many excellent presentation was carried out by the students. This thematic representation by the little toddlers arose the feeling of goose bumps among all.
Commenced on October 31, 2018

Flora and Friends

Trees represent life, growth, peace, nature…
They give us hope, insight and courage to persevere…
They teach us to nurture, stay rooted and soar to great heights…
Let’s go green! Little Flower House organised a tree plantation activity on the 5th of July observing the Vanmahotsav in the school premises. The ceremony was conducted with the plantation of saplings. The students of all the classes planted saplings and resolved to take care of the trees and the mother planet. Our curious little learners loved to plant seeds into the soil with their little hands.
Happened on October 05

Our Little Fine Artists

Art allows the students to be more creative and leaves no stone unturned to develop and enhance their aesthetic sense and help them grow into more calm and responsible individuals. Art provides a platform to the students to explore their creativity. It also gives opportunities and freedom to the students to  try new things.  We at little flower house understand the sense of artistic skills required for the students and hence we keep on conducting various activities to promote art and culture.
Held on September 20

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