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Little Flower House society was founded by the team of Smt. Raj Gulati and Major R. N. Gulati on Nov. 2, 1962, for the cause of reforming and revitalizing the school system in India which had not only started loosing its relevancy to that period of time but had also started loosing its vitality as an instrument of change.

The society was initially started as a club for children, for an all round development of their personality and also they could be helped in their academics. However the untiring devotion and dedication of the founders saw this club grow into a junior high school, and later into a senior secondary school. The visionary approach of the founders saw the society centre not only general higher education but also technical higher education.

Late Major R. N. Gulati
Founder Director | 1913-1977

Late Major R. N. Gulati

Shri R. N. Gulati was born on 27th December 1913 in a small village located on the border of undivided India and Afghanistan. With an excellent academic record he joined the North West Frontier Police of the British Govt. and was appreciated by the Governor of the province for his gallantry’s services. Looking for more challenge he joined the Indian Army as a Lieutenant and opted for Artillery branch. A veteran of World War II, he saw action in Egypt and other African countries. He was also awarded the Defence Medal, Certificate of merit for his gallantry services by King George IV.

Seeing the human suffering in the war, he branched off to the Indian External Service to serve the tribal of North-East India with a missionary zeal. Life was difficult but since he had the cause upper most in his mind, he continued to work for the upliftment of the tribal. After completing his tenure, fate brought him to this holy city-Varanasi. His ideas to educate the young in a different manner, gave shape to this “Little Flower House” which was meant to be more of a home than a school for children. A Child among Children, his sense of humour further endeared him to all the children who lovingly called him “UNCLE”. Even though he is not amidst us, but his ideals and vision are there which we are duty bound to follow and make his dream a reality.

For the cause that lacks assistance
For the wrong that needs resistance,
For the future in the distance,
And the good that I can do, What I live for.

Founder Director | 1917-2002

Late Smt. Raj Gulati

A soul dedicated to the cause of education and social welfare, a heart that beat for the downtrodden, a mind devoted to the cause of upliftment of education, an ingenious in modern techniques of education, such was the psyche of our founder Smt. Raj Gulati, whom everyone respectfully called “MATAJI”.

An institution by herself, she initiated methods and practices in the field of education that will remain relevant for times to come. She was born on May 19, 1917, in a well to-do family, with her father being a senior civil servant in the British Raj, she was educated in good schools in the erstwhile State of Western Punjab, now in Pakistan. Her upbringing was such that she grew to be a lady with a heart and mind. In those days when the girls largely remained without education, she completed her college by doing a double post graduation in History and Political Science. As her interest remained largely in education, she did her L. T. and joined the D. A. V. college, Lahore as a lecturer.

Due to her devotion and sincerity, she was promoted as the Principal. The partition of India, made her come to India, where she married an army officer Major R. N. Gulati, who fully supported her ideals. Even during the army tenure she was devoted to the upliftment of the families of the jawans, and her appreciable work made her win a lot of laurels. Fate brought her to Varanasi, where her burning desire to bring about reforms in the field of education which was in a very inert form, gave birth to this institution which has since become the garden of education which everyone would treasure.

Her devotion and dedication has today made ‘Little Flower House’ a towering entity in the field of modern education, and this ‘House’ today has garden for the pre nursery ‘flowers’ to gardens of highly sophisticated technical institutes. Although she left us on October 28th, 2002, but she is still guiding us today and fulfils her desires for working incessantly towards the development of the society.

Late Major R. N. Gulati

For 57 years, Little Flower House is
considered the beacon of academic
excellence in the city.